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Wild flowers in our backyard

The beginning of the spring, I have seen flowers blooming and trees growing back. As I have seen the flowers in our backyard, I immediately grabbed my digicam and took pictures on every single of them. Watch out because, from this day forward I will be sharing many pictures I captured during the early spring.

I do hope that you will still continue visiting and dropping by in my page even though I am not as quite update as before.

And that will be tackled on my next update. Enjoy the flowers bloggers / friends..


  1. Those are very beautiful flowers! I have something similar to these, but the petals are pointy instead of round!

  2. hello nova! ang ganda naman ng mga flowers. it's really great after winter!

    have a great day!

  3. hi nov, very nice ang imong flowers..I have some wild flowers too in our backyard and I transplanted it in our front yard with all my flowers:-)..very cool...kumosta naka?

  4. lovely sis! so u don't need to water them na since they're wild. hee hee.


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