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1 year Anniversary for ME

Yes, tomorrow will be my 1 year anniversary here in the land of the FREEDOM, AND HOME OF THE BRAVE…USA. I didn’t even noticed until today that time flies super fast now. I left my hometown for over a year now and struggle; adjust to a fully new environment and country. I’m super thankful that my 2nd family was overwhelmed and enthusiastic to meet me the first time and even until now. if me and my husband visits them, and don’t see me beside my husband because I walk slow then him, I could hear them looking for me. Isn’t that super touching? I love them, and I’m glad that they are my family.

Happy 1 year Anniversary for me here and many more fruitful years to come.


  1. wow time flies so fast really sis. happy anniversary to u. hapi friday, too.

  2. Dalira gyd bitaw ako nag 4 yrs ko last June 15 and I know in my heart miss ko na Pinas since wa pa mi kauli sukad saon wa pay budget...

  3. Cingratulations Novs! You make me think as well, am already a year and a half going around Europe and hope I can revisit Philippines... ang layo eh!

  4. That's awesome. Congratulations!

  5. hala! one year na diay ka diha, novs? paspasa jud sa adlaw no? murag kanus-a ra man to oi. haay, matigulang jud ta dali ani da. LOL.

    happy anniversary to u and stay happy! mwahugs!

  6. Hi Nove, happy 1 year anniversary of immigrating here! By the way, it's coincidence that we're of the same date June 20 of being here in U.S. of A that we are now, it's just that I will be 2 years tomorrow by then.. ohh yeah time flies so fast. Have a pleasant one! muahhh!

    By the way, I would like to grab this opportunity to give you the link of your recent award and here it is:

    Hope you can grab it.. it's waiting of you...

    see yah!

  7. hi sis.u must be so busy wt ur job sis. ingat always sis.

  8. happy anniversary novah!

    you deserve to be love by the people around you because you are a nice person.

    have a great day... h ugs!

  9. hello ate,
    Happy one year belated happy greetings from me. You seems so happy being with your other half and second family. Happy to know some filipina out there are successful in thier lovelife with western men. god bless you always

  10. Time indedd fly so fast when you're having fun!

    Cheers to more amazing years!

  11. Kamusta na Novs?

    Hope to see you around!

    Ate J

  12. Hi Nova girl naa ko tag nimo take care...

  13. Wow. happy one year anniversary. just drop by!

  14. Oh, congratulations to you then! And happy anniversary! Though I'm not sure if that event really qualifies as an anniversary, haha! :D


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