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It’s all my Fault

Have you ever think about something that happen is your entire fault? I thought sometimes, that because of me things happen in a suffering ways. I don’t mean to bring bad luck or difficulty to a person’s life, but sometimes just because of all the trials that I or we have been going through, and like a never ending trials. I come to think that it’s my entire fault. I shouldn’t blame anyone or myself because everything happens for a reason. Everything is a way of test and I’m sure that God will never leave you, if you call His name and ask for His help. Hopefully that this feeling will go away, I don’t really like it and I do have faith that this is all just a test.


  1. hi nov, what's going on? Yeah you're right...everything happen has a reason...always have faith in Him and every thing will fall into place ...ingat always

  2. Hi Nov, How are you? Sorry it took me a while again to visit your site, I had been too busy lately, what with the end of the semester. but now, it is my summer break. Hope you are well Nova, I too, believe that everything happens for a good reason. Our trials are instruments to make us better person and grow stronger. Wish you well Nov.

  3. I used to feel the same way too that thing did that turn out the way they should and it was because of me, my fault. But then I got over it and realized that its part of life and you cant avoid it no matter what you do. I learned to accept them and have a positive attitude. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comments. I like the way you promote a product, its simple and short. I am still learning.

  4. happens all the time :)


  5. Like you're some kind of bad luck?
    Don't stress over it and stop blaming yourself.
    You got it right, things happen for a reason. Don't ever think that you brought bad luck to others. Well, if you did it intentionally, then you would know that it's your fault, right?
    Smile! :)


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