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Top 10 Entrecard Dropper for May 2009

It might be a little late to give thanks to my top 10, but I'm glad I never forgotten to show my appreciation to these blogger to keep my blog alive. And they are;

Online Marketing 31
Cacai's Step and Journey 31
my review 31
Zero 30
Wirez and Circuitz 26
Jean sQuared 26
Yashiro 25
We live to tell God's Amazing Grace 22
I Love-Hate America 17
C'est La Vie 15

More Power to all and Thank you so much!


  1. wow congrats to the top visitors! too bad i dont have this ec anymore. it was fun when i had it. my account was deleted for I had two violations, first the muic in my blog and second the same account i used with two blogs. well, it was out of sheer ignorance but too late for me to know.

  2. wa ko naapil. hehe. better luck next time...

    niwey, tagged u sis...

  3. wow, i hope i could be listed on that top dropper.. hehe why not? i will challenge myself to that. thanks te, for being accomodating to me.

  4. knock knock was here again sis.hapi monday

  5. Visiting you here as well....

    Ate J

  6. All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within...


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