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I am very happy today because it is my day off from work. Working in a call center sucks!!!! Why? Because even if it pays you good, you'll sit, talk over and over and the same issue every single day. No challenge for me as I used to have before. You have to be connected and focused in your cubicle which I really don't like. I can't wait to find a new job.


  1. sorry to hear this. the adjustment period is quiet hard, sis. i hope ul find a challenging job for u , soon before boredom eats u up.

  2. IMELDA: you don't need to be sorry, i just grabbed this job for experience basis, that way when i apply for a new job, at least i have some foreign employer na...

  3. Aww... not everyone really enjoys what they do. Call centers pay good, but can get a little boring. And you have to be at work even if it's a holiday. Who wants to be in that position? :(

  4. Just visiting... I used to work in a call center and I miss the high paying job! However, I had problem getting enough sleep in the morning. I miss it though...


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