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We call know that communication is the best part in our life. I have a friend who soon to be going away and live with her soon to be husband in England. She was asking me some advices on how to stay stick in contact with her family in Philippines. That is a great idea, I said because even though you are thousands miles away from your family. It is still a great way to keep connected with your family especially with your parents.

I told her right away to ask her fiancee to check mobile phone stores uk in their area if there is one that is near, where they can get one. Or if not he can go online to check uk phone shops online, which I do find much easier since he is working. Might not have enough time to go somewhere and has a great deal of contract mobile shop.

Good to know that her fiancee is also determine to make sure that she'll keep in touch with her family in Philippines once she moves with him. Because no matter where you are and how far you are it would be a great idea to get to know and keep in connected with your family and parents.


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  3. Just a thought: why can't the English guy be the one who would stay here in the Philippines? It's probably about finding a job, but what else can be the reason? Hhmmm... just wondering. :D

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