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We’ve got a high refund

Did you file your tax refund? I know you did it earlier this year. We waited until I got my EAD card that way bana we’ll be able to put me into his independent. Great, we didn’t expect that we’ll have a big refund for this year. Hurray!

Oh! by the way, I’m a good citizen for I filed my IRS too in my IZEA income. Did you? I did put it on the other business income in my bana’s IRS, because IZEA did filed a copy into IRS for the income that I got from them.

The tax holder told us that even an amount of $400 will be reported into IRS for source of income. It’s ridiculous but what can we do, we should pay our taxes right? Hay…

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  1. Yeah, we should pay our taxes. However, our taxes should be put to good use to make our country better. Not to let those corrupt officials be richer.


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