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At Last!!!

After all the months and days of preparation our wedding reception is finally here. It was held on my mother in law's backyard with a huge tent that was put up with. Everyone is super busy preparing from the decorations, foods and other things.

Relatives comes and spent the occasion with us all. It is a cocktail celebration, more on beer stuff than eating the whole dinner meal. We have more foods than we though, but the drinks the keg! it is all gone.

We have more wedding gifts, cards and meeting friends, and gathered them in our very special occasion is really a great thing that happened. We started at 3pm and last until 11pm. Some people stayed very late which is fun because we have more of the karaoke that they enjoyed the most. Everybody sings. Everyone had a good time.

At last! the day has finally come! and the big event has finally over! now back to normal lives. The next occasion would be my baby shower.


  1. Congratulations! Good to know everyone had a lovely time!

  2. congratulations nova. i am happy for u sis. oi baby shower, absentee ako diyan hahaha

  3. What, there's not that much food? :(
    Well, if that's what you guys prefer, right?
    Congratulations dear! ^_^


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