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I Finally made it

This isn't a marathon, or something else. It is about what I am planning a long time ago for this blog. Not change for other design as I like the way it is already. But to give a new look to my fellow bloggers when they visit, read or drop by in my page.

I know lately, that I have not paying too much attention with this page because I have other things to be prioritized and you already know what it is all about. Today, I am really proud to say I finally made the changes. I'm still looking for a nice header though but the color was totally change.

For those of you, hope you like the new color. I know it looks like a bloody template. But red is just one of my favorite colors. So take a one last look to my previous blog color below;


  1. ok na ni day nice

  2. The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge! Have a good week ahead!

  3. yes i like a change in lay out once in awhile. good for you novs coz u know how to manipulate your site

  4. yep, nice new look, novs! (",)

    thank u for the comments. ingatz!

  5. I like the new face of ur Blog sis..:) Thanks for checking by the way..Have a great day ahead!

  6. hmmmm... are you preparing this blog for the holiday season? like the color...

  7. hhehe kared oy pero nindot siya madam...

  8. Yeah, your page does look better than before. It has a very striking color now. :D Plus it matches the Christmas countdown. Seems like your celebrating the holidays early this year. Haha!


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