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Missing the family

It is really hard when you live so faraway, you though at first it is really cool. But for me, I don't find it very cool. I wish me and my husband will move back to Philippines but it won't happen sometime soon. So I have to wait and earn for investment and hopefully, when we both retired we will stay in Gensan. I do miss my family, I don't talk to them as often as I used to be because they don't have internet access for so many months now. So I am way too behind from updates. Although I know that I have my own family now, but that doesn't mean that I have to stop knowing what's going on with my parents, and the rest of my family. I am the only person who were detached from them. Although some were in Manila and Cebu. At least they can call them for updates as often as they want without spending too much


  1. its really hard if you can't talk to any of ur family. its really expensive to be calling. when was in new york i spent about 12thousand for the calls i made home.

  2. Realll..I understand you...I am brazilian and I live in Sweden...I miss so much my family and my homecountry and they dont sue internet...
    Have a nice day and thank u very much for your comment

    take care

    I have a new post about a love letter...


  3. I kinda understand how you feel. My dad works abroad, and we really miss him. He hasn't come home for a year now. It's really sad... :(


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