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3rd Prenatal

Finally the day has arrived. Me and my husband were so eager for these day to come. September 24, 2009 the 3rd prenatal or visit to my OB-GYNE. We are thrilled to find out the gender of our unborn baby.

After being in the sonogram room for half an hour for all the pictures of the baby and such. The Nurse finally asked my husband to go inside to see the baby's position and health as well as the gender. We are very happy to heard that we are expecting a baby boy. I can see from my husband's face that he's really touched and so happy. It is the first boy after his younger brother who is now 35 yrs old.

He also wanted to have a son because that would carry his lastname since his older brother isn't planning of having kids. The younger brother has different lastname too.

Got some sonogram pictures and here it is;

LEFT: where you can see the hand & arm, RIGHT: where you can see the gender
[click to enlarge]


  1. wow! a baby boy! congrats novs! for sure, super happy jud ang daddy kay naa na siya junior. (",)

  2. Wow. This is the first time I've seen a sonogram, even if it's just in pictures. Oh, the gift of life is truly wonderful. Congrats on the baby boy guys! :)


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