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Can't wait

My husband looks hungry, he couldn't wait for the rest of the food that we order. So he starts shoving some food into his mouth. Good thing he didn't take pictures of myself that way you won't see how I shoved all those foods in my mouth.

I am not sure of what food he ate, as I was busy taking pictures of himself at that night. We dinned in at Pizza Hut where else. We don't have much resto in town and don't want to dare for a new one, as I might not find good food to eat.


  1. Nova,wla na jud...since tong august pa i dont know why..daghan kau sila arte oist..badtrip na gani ko sa akong eon kay dili maopen...

    hungry jud kau si mister oist..pirting kaon..hehehe

  2. You gotta hate those restaurants who take some time before serving your food. And obviously, your husband aren't so fond of them either. Haha~ :D


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