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Tickets to Disneyland

When I was still in Philippines I really want to visit one of the nicest tourist attraction on the United States. Famous when it comes to disney characters and amazing rides known the place as the Disney World. I have seen commercials of how amazing the place was. Was told from one of my sister in law who actually came to visit the Disneyland in Florida on how amazing the place. They also went inside Cinderella's Castle. I wonder what would it look like, I bet it would be surely similar to the classic cartoon movie. She also told us that one of our cousin works inside the castle and a great advantage because we know exactly what place to visit.

Me and my husband really are planning to visit other state. Since you can't find the Disney land in New York. So we are heading to Florida sometime next year to explore not only the place but also to fulfill one of my dreams which is to visit the Amazing and Fascinating DisneyLand. But before everything happens, we must inquires about how much would it cost for us to spend on the Disney Tickets. Gladly, I found a website that definitely gave all the information we need. From the tickets to the rides up to the cost of the hotel that affiliates them. If you planned to see / visit Disney Land. Check out information online first.

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  1. I really want to visit Disney Land someday too.. Even if it's just the one on Hong Kong or Tokyo. I love Disney animations, especially ones from Disney-Pixar. :D


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