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What do I want for my Birthday?

Black Cat

That is the question the pops out from Jeff's mouth one evening after he picked me up from work. I was stunned because I never make such list, except for those things he absolutely 100% sure that I need for.

I know my birthday is fast approaching and I am still thinking on what to make during that day. I don't want to make food that I made last year.

Unfortunately, he can't buy those major things for me this year, and I must have to wait after the tax refund. Which I really understand why. Anyways, I make a list of the things that I do need and still includes those major things that I needed. And by the way, it was the same question Jeff's mom asked me one day when we saw each other. And still I just answered "I don't know". I'm too embarrassed to give out specific item, would rather to wait what she is giving me.

But maybe next time if she'll ask me again I would suggest for an iron stand, hahahaha.. I need that once that baby comes out...

Back to my list they are;
2)New phone with Wifi or 3G access and should be touch screen
3)Video Camera
4)Electric pot
5)Chip for my magic sing
6)burner so I can cook my stinky pinoy food outside the house

I could not remember what else, I swear I wrote it down on a piece of paper. Jeff must have been keeping it.... hahahaha good then...


  1. Wow ate when is your birthday? You don't seem to be ready to list down your birthday wish. hahaha I wish you a macbook laptop. =)

  2. All nice items in your list. I think a very powerful laptop is always good for us bloggers. And what about a fantastic plasma television set? :-)

  3. @yen: hahahaha... i'm aiming for that but i would rather have PC instead of Mac....

    @pietro: true, but i must have to be more patience and wait for the right time...

  4. I always try to list down my birthday wishes (or Christmas or whatever). Because although I like surprises, I don´t like the bad ones:-) And my beloved ones know that I am quite difficult person to buy presents for:-)

  5. By the way, keep us posting what presents you will get after all:-)

  6. wow! I like your wishlist nov:-) when will be your birthday? I used to write my wishlist before for my birthday/wedding annivesary (because it's on the same day) and christmas gift and hubby always give me 2 or more from my wishlist but for this christmas, there is only one thing that I ask from him, it's AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR
    85mm f/3.5G ED VR lens. And I told him that If he will not give that to me,he will rather give me money and I will buy it for me he he he. I hope I can have it for christmas:-)

    anyway, advance happy birthday nov

  7. Hey, happy birthday!
    A presents list sounds great. Maybe I should make one myself, haha~ :D


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