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Being Lazy

I am feeling so lazy to get my butt off to work. It is almost 3 more hours to get shower and prepare my food to work, but I rather sit on the computer and blog hop. I am not sure why, but I never even get up so early today. After all the consecutive day off at work, this would probably be the result. Oh, well I would force myself then, since I only work for like 3 days next week as I requested for my paid time off. And I'll only work for like 6 hours today, hayyyyyyyyyyyy... I wish I'm a wife of a billionaire that I don't need to work instead just to make sure that the family is intact and happy and fears God. But no! I'm only in the middle class.. hehehehe....

Gonna go for now! Happy Friday and weekend to all!


  1. hahaha, go ate get lazy, after all you deserve to have a rest for your hardwork

  2. But at least we had something to read. You take care! Thanks for this post.

  3. @yen: thanks dear, was thinking of my absence... i want to have a good impression to the white peps here... na tayong mga pinoy di basta2x at talagang dedicated sa work.... baka ma promote tayo nito.. hehehe

    @brochures:and thank you for the visit always...

  4. that's ok Nov. I think your laziness is because your preggy. Ganyan me dati. I don't want to do anything sometimes, just wanted to rest and relax. I was lucky that I don't need to work when I was preggy even if my hubby is not a millionaire. hehe

  5. Hi novs, take it easy..
    haooy weekend!

  6. @Michelle: na mao jud chel, sometimes i don't feel like working sometimes i'm so eager to go to work....

    @ruby: happy weekend too and thanks...


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