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Daylight Savings Time Ends

Earlier this date. It every clock in the United States has to fall back one hour and it was started around 2am. Kinda confusing if you are newbie who lives here, because from my homeland we usually don't changed our times.

Well it happened before, but for some reason the government just stop doing it. So we won't get confused and we'll just continue what would be the time that was set for everyone.

But now, Daylight savings time just ended. And officially it is November too.


  1. i made sure my alarm clock was right before i went to bed last night. musta na?

  2. Nova, in Italy last Sunday we put our clocks back one hour: it's clearer in the morning and darker in the evening :-)

  3. hahha murag amoa pod kapoya bitaw sige usab ug oras ba? Anyway apil sa akoa giveaway basin kadaog ka....

  4. yey extra hour of sleep!!! sayo na kaayo mo ngitngit dre 5Pm pa lang gani.. kumusta halloween nato dha?

  5. @alf: usually i keep forgetting and i got up too early to get ready for work...okay lang ako dear thanks for the visit...

    @pietro: i guess I better get myself use to this daylight savings time.

    @Momgen: I will definitely join this again.. basin diay swertehon ta dba?

    @ruby: true, extra sleep pero once it's night time sos kangit-ngit nlng jud... oki ra halloween wa kaayo'y mga bata dre ambot hain sila

  6. OO Novs, one hour back ang time diri since few days ago...

    Anyway salamat sa visit ug sa comments.oo for good na sis, thanks God Ok na diri ug makauli nami...salamat kaayo again..

  7. I never knew we've had DST before? Hmmmm kelan? I mean sa Pinas if nagkaroon before...

    Yeah, now that the time is normal the darkness comeso fast! :(

  8. @lisa: mao lagi that mean extra sleep napud... change for the time napud ta ani...

    @webbielady: I know it was a very long time, i could remember that there is a DST in Phils before and since they got tired of doing it they would rather leave the time alone...


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