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His Brunch and my Brunch

Yes that is that title of today's entry. His bru-nch and my bru-nch or how do you write it down in the correct way. He always makes breakfast or brunch every Saturday and Sunday morning. Saturdays if I don't have work and always Sundays.

And this isn't a big shock to me at all, but not until last Sunday when after he made all these delicious meal. I really noticed that he got more and I say more than I usually saw. A plate with FULL of foods. So immediately, I took my camera and took a picture of his and mine meal to compare.

He can eat tons and tons of foods but I don't know where he's putting it. Meaning you can't see that he's gaining weight and take note his almost 6 feet tall and only weighs 117 lbs. I'm so insecure. Lol! won't you?

My meal, includes bacon, rice and 2 beaten eggs

Jeff's meal, includes 6 toasts bread, 2 omelet, 2 beaten eggs, and bacon

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