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Is he Sewing?

What do you think? It is a Sunday morning, you think you can make a good guess, before reading the entire post for today. Oh well, he isn't after I lost my patience over the bobbin in this sewing machine. It is time for the half partner to take over. I even interrupted him on his Nascar shows just to figure out this bobbin from being tangled all the time.

And immediately, in my amusement I grabbed my camera and took a pictureof h


  1. sus maypa imo bana kay kabalo manahi. sus ako bana kutob ra jud tawn basa sa manual hahaha

  2. Hahahaha....mao lagi, pero dunay pakapin nga its been 20 yrs na daw iyang last nga gunit sa sewing.... lol...

  3. oi, mag tahi2 sad diay ka diha Nov. ako sad nag practice with my little genie sewing machine. maayo na lang, libre na labor. hehe

  4. @michelle: na mao jud, may ning mapuslan atong home economics sa HS.. heheheh masking punda or curtains nlng ang akong mahimo para di nko palit ug new curtains....

  5. Haha! Is he sewing? Well... that's just cute. Even if he is not really sewing.. :D


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