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The pain of uploading pictures

It took like a day of two after I am done uploading my pictures to facebook, to share it to some of my friends. It is a pictures that I took from the concert of ACDC at Buffalo, NY.

I know they are rock band and I tell you that after the whole concert. I lose hearing from my right side earn for about an hour or two. But it was a good experience though and I never regretted that we travel and came to see them live.

Back to upload pictures I am not sure why it is doing to me but it takes like an hour before the whole javascript will totally be loaded. Until I ended up to choose the manual photo upload just to get over with it.


  1. Just dwnload the latest java version, Novs... it would justtake you max ten mins uploading even with ten megapix or more.. it's pretty fast... by the way, add me in your face, name's rojen salditos.^^

  2. @webbielady: oh... when it comes to updating free software online i'm not behind on that.. i did and maybe its because my computer is just freaking slow to load up everything fast...

    sure i'll add you up...

  3. I guess the band is too awesome for Facebook to handle? haha~ You're so lucky for being able to attend an ACDC concert! XD


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