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Sky Watch Friday - Gloomy Day

 Gloomy isn't it? It is been like there here in NY for at least 3 days now. I certainly missed the sunny Sun outside the house.

I'm hoping that this kind of weather will soon end and Mr. Sunshine will comes out to give us lights.
Enough of the global warming huh....

If you are would like to see more of the sunny sky watch from other country simply visit Sky Watch Friday.


  1. Hello! Same here in SE MI, missed Mr Sun hope he will come out more too often before Ms. Snow comes ^_^

    Mine is here My Life’s Journey in Focus

  2. Hi

    Yeah, I can totally relate to the gloomy feeling. Fall can be like that here in Ontario too.

    Thanks for sharing this and for your comment on my SWF host photo :)

  3. Here in drought stricken California gloomy skies are welcome as long as they bring rain.

  4. Just hold on and you will see light...

  5. sa IZEA to sya novs sasocial spark...

  6. This gloomy sky also has its own charm, isn't it? It's been gloomy weather today for us in Ohio too. Thanks for your kind comment on my SWF post. Those pictures were shot a few weeks back, and yes, was indeed warm and sunny then.

  7. Awww...effects of global warming. The weather on that photo is really gloomy.

  8. Gloomy sky is what you are seeing, but it is how you appreciate the beauty.

  9. Here its rainy and gloomy saturday. But I love it since there's no work today.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Just noticed your "Let's EXchange links" How is this dome please? Thankyou.

  12. Sorry for the deleted comment - bad typing errors.(I'm a two-fingered typist :-))

    With the fog and the dark over the top, a few ghosts wouldn't be out of place. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments.
    What is that tall structure to the left of the house? Is it a folly?
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  13. Weather is like that, seasons come and go as do gloomy days, hope you have some sparkling autumn sunshine again soon.

  14. happy weekend!!

  15. I love it since there's no work today.

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