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We need Fridge

It is not that we don't have any at all in our home, but we need one more so that by the time if we buy some frozen food. We have a place where we can stored it in the house and not just the fridge that we usually have.

Jeff was always telling me about this idea, and I really do find it smart because instead of keep buying pack by pack we can save more when we buy a volume of frozen food in the store.

I told him that we have to wait until next year because the money that we will be able to purchase it is the money we got from our wedding reception. Glad that he agree with me and waited until next year.

While waiting for that, at least we have more time to browse online and survey of what would be the cheapest and also affordable fridge that we can buy out of the money we have.

I came across to, who gives me so much idea that not only a fridge but at the same time with a locker on it. And since it will soon be put in the basement this would be a great idea to secure our food under. They do have plenty of designs and sizes where you can choose from and I like it. Now I am getting more excited to purchase one to use soon.


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