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Done with my mails

As the Big Event of the year fast approaching, I have finally done a week ago with the mails I'm sending to my family here in US as well as in the Philippines. Aside from the cards, I sent a personalize postcard to them and to share the spirits of Christmas. Even though it is only a cards it is the thought that counts. Meaning it also tells them that even though I am thousands miles away from them, I don't forget them in everyday of my life.

Aside from that, I really love to send postcards to my family and friends. Whether if its their birthdays, some holidays or just a simple note of saying Hello! At the same time, I LOVE to get postcards, letters from them too. It makes me feel that I am remembered inspite of my absences.

So, when you have some good holidays and would love to send something to them. Why not send them letters, notes or just postcards saying hello make them feel that you remember them.

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