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It's time for the car inspection

January is the time for mostly cars to be inspected if they pass for the whole year. I have been hearing this since last month from my husband while driving our way home from a concert. Since, we do not have any brand new car and would rather buy a second hand car instead. We have to make sure that we will be able to pass the car inspection that should be made by the month of January. That way, when we run with a police we would not have any problems at all. I am not really good into cars, as I do not own one yet and have not much knowledge about single part of the vehicle. Mahal mentioned about this auto body shop corona that he trusted and hoping that during the inspection there would not much replacement needed to run his car and pass the inspection.

I am not sure when Jeff will be able to go to that shop, but hopefully soon as I'm also way closer to my dues and I needed him more during that time. And instead of dealing with the inspection he could have put all his attention towards us. Do you know that January is the time for your car to get inspected?

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