SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: Renovation | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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Oh... not on this website but for the other blog that I am working right now. But as I am trying to work things out, I have to deal with more than what I expected. This is what you get when you are trying to customized your own design. Not that easy and have to be more patient and to make sure that everything goes well after the whole renovation.

I can't wait to finish the whole thing that way, I would find or design a new header for this blog since the major Holidays were already passed.


  1. best of luck for your new site sis.

  2. Hi Novs!

    Kamusta na ang buntis? Kelan ka nga due? I hope you're having an easy one.

    Happy new year...

    All the best in 2010!


  3. di bale magaling ka nmn magdesign eh, kayang kaya mo yan,LOL.. btw where's my link here?

  4. midnight hopping here ty for the visit kumare.


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