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Just another update

Okay, as I have promised in my previous post that I am going to give updates on what is going on with my life now that I have a son to take care with. It is definitely busy, my world evolves around him which I don't mind and I treasure because that certain moments will never be repeated. I have to enjoy every single day that me and him spent. I adores him alot and I am pretty much in love with my son.

I didn't know exactly what would be the feeling of a mom. I thought it is something similar when you are an aunt to your niece or nephew. It is way too different. I could not express/tell but I am sure you mothers knows exactly what I am talking about. It is just too overwhelming.

As time flies so fast, I have to make sure that we both enjoyed it. He is not a month old and after a week he will be soon 2 months old. See what I mean? It is just a month ago that I enjoyed the last month of my pregnancy and now my son will soon to be 2 months old.

That is why, I still don't have much updates as I could, because I have to attend to his needs first than mine.


  1. ahh you're getting busy now. Well thanks for sharing your thoughts despite of busy schedule. Have a great day NOVA
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  2. thanks for sharing... looking forward to see your son's picture

  3. Just enjoy every part of motherhood. Time go by so fast and before you know it, your little angel is running around everywhere!

  4. COngratulations to you and the hubby for having your newbown baby, Novs! You're now one of the blogging Mommies! Long live!


  5. thanks Nov for dropping by, would you like to join us, in helping other children sponsored by Hershey's? it's simple. just copy paste the detail.

  6. I bet you are really busy with your son just there and growing and all. I can understand if you don't have much time for other matters such as these.

  7. Hi nova! I want to say congratulations in your new son! I'm just hoping that it wont affect you blogging.

    just take one day at a time, a friend of mine did when she had her baby. She took photos of her son every month and assembled it into a scrapbook. It was so pretty.

    Congratulations again!

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