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Baptism is coming

The next event that would be happening to my son and my hubby's lives will be our son's baptism. Meaning, I got to make sure that I have get all the preparation ready. Invitation must created in order to save the date of those people whom I'm going to invite for the said baptism. I must send a Save The Date Cards to all his godparents so they would know the exact date and makes sure that will be there when our son receives his first sacrament. Moreover, I got to get to make sure that I can find the right website online to create and purchase his invites instead of creating one for now. I don't have the much time instead I get busy attending to my son's needs and of course household chores. 

So while browsing, it leads me instead to checking out Wedding Invitations, it is such a nice one and it reminds me too on the wedding plans we have in Philippines soon. Which gives me the curiosity to save the design I would like, that way in the future I will just go online and ready to purchase the quantity of the invites. 

I also found a nice awesome design for a Baby Shower Invitations, which I am not planning to happen anytime soon. And hopefully that one of my sister in law will get pregnant so I could give her a baby shower. 

It just amazes me on what I can do when I'm online, I can't focus on my son's invitation. The designs were so overwhelming and I wish that it will happen to me again, or not any time soon.


  1. ty for the visits sis although i returned just now. may u have a nice celebration. biggy na jud si baby noh?

  2. Hi Novs, wow may baby na diay ka? huli na gyod ko sa update life nimo..Busy man god ko Novs, Cge lang ko hopes na maka update ko regular sa akong blog ug visit blog sa inyo!!!! Well, buhay diri medyo busy pa...

    OO salamat diay sa visit ug sa messages.. makit an nako ang camerana na missplace, share nya ko more photos sa balay!!!


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