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Got the Wrong Marriage License

The dumb clerk in our City Hall here gave us the wrong Marriage License. Good thing we are the person who have good intentions and never do anything to other people. Because through, that wrong information, we could have use that in a bad way. Which I find it pretty much scary. They never check what they've given to you and you rely on them trust them that they'll will give you what you need because you trust them? Turns out to be wrong and bad.

Good thing we know those people they've given to us. So, my husband went back to that place and told them of the mistake they occur. 

What happen first was they showed us the right license, then after they've produced a copy and authenticated it, its for the wrong person. I know I should have check it too before we left, but since we are also in a rush due to the last minute decision to get it and they are closing, I never checked it. Thinking they'll give us the right one.

I also adhere the clerk who used to assist you, I felt she's discriminating people. I know what I felt and my instinct would never lie to me. Never been wrong as long as I have to listen to my instinct and that's what it tells me every time I see this person. 

Never go back inside, instead I have to argue with my partner so he'll go and get the replacement. What an experience!


  1. oh my that was a freaking waste of time and money. how disgusting for people to discriminate people. cguro mas gwapa ka ato sis mao inferior sa imohang beauty

  2. nakakinit ulo talaga yan. if they're not happy anymore with their job, they should resign instead mangdadamay pa iba tao.

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  3. It made me think that maybe the clerk was sleepy that time which is why she picked up a wrong license. I hope she will learn her lesson now.

  4. @Imelda: true sis, even my SIL noticed that she's not nice to me. kay oldie man gud sis maong grumpy.

    @Yen: She was in rushed kasi nga we got there like 4:00pm and they closed at 4:30pm and its friday everyone is in a hurry to leave the premises... oki lang sana if no more clients diba?


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