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Me, Hubby and Baby

As far as I could remember this would be the 4th or 3rd times that we as family went out and have lunch/dinner outside. And this time it would be at Pizza Hut. We went there around 12:00 noon got to get some food before going to the store. As hubby realizes that he needs to eat. Yes he was shaking and I told him before we go to have breakfast first. Never listens to me. I told him to listen to the wife because whenever I say so. It is true and right. Man! Sometimes just way too stubborn. Thought they know everything but NO.. they are absolutely incorrect. 

Anyways, we waited for at least  45 mins just to get the pizza we ordered. And I could tell you that I gobbled the half part of the large side with cheese side topping there. I am so hungry that I eat all of it. Although I love pizza too. 

When would be the next family date? I am not sure when but who knows.

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