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Sister finally got it

I have a very close sister that is also my best friend. We usually hang out together when I was in Philippines. And I don't get tired of hanging out with her too. She has three kids and her hubby is also nice. I want to get connected with her but since they don't have internet access it is really hard. Also they have to save money because of the economy crisis in the country. I just don't want her to spend her money in the cafe where she can give it to her kids. I miss her so much. 

Was planning to visit my homeland sometime and I'll be spending at least three months. I know I just said this for now, but since my new home is here in the USA now. I got to make sure that I have enough time to spend to my family way back home. I don't want to rush everything and makes sure that paying for the fair is worth staying for a longer time.

One thing I might be considering when I have there is to learn about cosmetics. So I might look online about cosmetology school in Florida when I have spare time. I love make ups and I love putting them on to woman's face.


  1. I can really say that you are really missing your family, and it is not easy to be far from them. I am pretty sure that you are going to prepare for everything when you get back and your family will be very happy :)

  2. Hay totoo talaga ang kasabihang "theres no place like home" I'm sure you'll definitely enjoy your vacation here. Nakakamiss daw talaga ang Pinas. hehe

  3. hala oy maayo ka pa ako dani wa pa puro plano wa pay budget but one day somehow ehhehe...


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