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Went to Store

Me and my son went to the store in the nearby area walking. I'm pushing the stroller and I can see that my son is enjoying the view. Since he is facing me and feeling secure that it is his Mama who is pushing the stroller he was really good the whole time.

I can say he love to be outside the house. Who doesn't? The reason behind we went to the store is not only for exercise but to buy some stuff that I needed in making the Mango Float dessert that I haven't tried for years.

While there, it came into my mind about my husband's incoming birthday celebration. Yes a week from now would be his birthday. Another additional year for my husband's amazing life. I must think on what to do and what to make during his birthday celebration. It would be the very first time for him to celebrate his birthday with his Son. So I guess I have to send save the date postcards to his family, that way they will know that I'm doing something for my husband's incoming birthday.


  1. Wow! I love eating Mango Float, and I even tried to make one, but I always fail but maybe you I should give it another try.

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