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The Banquet

This is the second time I came out at night since I gave birth. Went to the banquet with my husband. It is their awarding night on their bowling tournament. They came on the 6th place. Last year they were on the 3rd place I think, if I'm not mistaken. This season no matter how hard they bowl, for some reason and things beyond control it affects the scoring and ranks they trying to maintain.

The banquet starts at 6:30pm on the same place where it was held before. I never got the chance to choose my dinner for the rest of the team choose it for me. So I got seafoods, which I find it yucky. Since, I was really starving, I still eat some of it. This night also were the first time I ate veggies, they serve salad before the main course.

So, the dinner was taken place, then awarding and last was the election of the new officer. The night ended pretty well, we stayed until 11pm and decided to go home and took the baby from my mother in law. Yes, she's gladly babysits the baby. He was good the whole night as what she said.

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