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Our Strawberry Fruit...

Okay, finally here is the plant we have in our backyard and finally I took the plant. This isn't the whole thing but this is just the 1/3 part of the plant. And they are growing, the other side of it was crawling on the empty spot we have. Which will intended for the other plant we have that for some reason didn't grow.

If only this plants were gold coins. I could be rich by now, just simply pick them up and sell them. Well enough of the dreaming and wake up in the reality of what we have on this world.

Lately this kind of investment is really growing. I don't blame if you buy gold coins make it as your investment of collection. For we all know that someday this gold metal's value will raise in the future. And the more it is older the more its value raised up. I can't wait to have money and try to invest and buy gold coins on my own.


  1. hi friend , kindly please update my URL life is wonderful to know - and thata' daily blog -

  2. Strawberry is growing in your place ate? talaga? ang saya naman, its my favorite fruit.


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