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Got a Hammock

I bought this hammock finally after wanting for so long. I really want this so we could lay down in our backyard while enjoying the breeze as well as the dancing of the leaves in our big tree. It is pretty good for summer though, although it is the last money I earn I still decided to buy to satisfied my need as well as to my son. 

Now we bought enjoy this in our backyard enjoy looking at the leaves in the big tree who gives shed from the notorious sun.

Good thing is it less expensive at the store where we bought this item. I still need table in our backyard that way I have a place where I put my food,  drinks or anything in a safe place without ants or bugs running into it.


  1. this is nice sis.. i can imagine u sitting and relaxing and enjoying the nice breeze..

    i hope u can drop by my blog too.. see u!

  2. wow, that is really nice to have a hammock in the back yard. happy for you sis. how is the little one?

  3. its a good choice mads. glad u got to have it.

  4. its a good choice mads. glad u got to have it.

  5. @Caloy: Thank you, yup too comfy talaga....

    @Rosey: my son loves to be on the hammock too, he can see the dancing of the leaves at the trees in our backyard...

    @Imedla: True mads, never regret of buying it... it has a weight limitation but i ain't that obese to exceed from the weight


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