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Second Driving Practice

It was happened for the second time last Monday, 5th of July. After getting my learner's permit for two months now. This was the second driving practice I have with my husband. We procrastinate? No, we are just way too busy for other things, and I know that Summer should be the best time to practice but what you can do when you have a son and other people were just way too busy with their lives. My husband don't want to take the kid with us. I don't blame him because I would rather not learn how to drive than things will happen especially with the baby with us. That's just really wrong. 

Anyways, it took us at least less than an hour for the practice and hubby decided to call it wrapped for the day. I drove the car on our way back to my Mother in law's place. I have encountered cars coming but I managed myself to calm down, for they won't hit you unless they are drunk. We got home, get some rest for awhile. The meantime, we just heard from the press release about this American Residential Law Group. It is a good idea for those people who would like to purchase residential property and we are one of them, once we are done paying off our mortgage.


  1. Wow its great to know you have taken the 2nd driving practice. How is it in the second time around? I bet you improved better than your 1st practice:-)

  2. This time we are totally in the road na, it is quite scary but i make sure that i won't panic whenever i encounter incoming cars so i will get used to it...


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