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Boat Paddling

One Sunday morning me, hubby and my two sister in law planned to go boat paddling and kayaking. It was a month that we plan to do this because they were so busy that then need to plan it ahead of time. As for me and hubby since we don't work during Sunday we can go anytime. As long as grandma will babysit our son. 

It was the second time that I will be able to kayak for the first time was when I was in Philippines during our Island hopping for about 4 years ago. 

It was fun. At first it was me and my husband who kayak in 2 separate kayaks. After an hour, we switch with his siblings that way they will also be able to do kayak before our times up. It was a boat paddle and it was fun and relaxing. Since I'm with hubby, whenever my feet were tired from paddling, I stopped and he continues until we gets into our destination. Also a perfect time to talk over something. Until we came up talking about gold coin as a good investment once he will be getting his retirement fee. Will see about the in the future.


  1. How sweet Ate,hehe. reminiscing the old days of island hopping with your hobby. winner!

  2. @Yen: Thanks true... remembering the past is a good thing to look back sometimes....

  3. what a great bonding Novs, pareha ra ug gaduwa mong duha...good exercise too...

    anyway salamat sa visit...appreciate it as always, sorry sa late reply..


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