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Still working on it

I meant by learning how to use the wordpress free hosting website. Since I am very use about blogger and as far as what I heard from fellow bloggers regarding the encounter problems they have with blogger. I would like to switch to wordpress instead and get my entries be secured. This free hosting won't even find a way to help you fix the problem instead they will going to delete the whole domain if for some reason they find it as a spam. And that's one thing that I don't want to be happen to me not now and not in the future. So my friend spoke to me one day and told me about her experience and now she wants to learn more about the other free hosting too. It is not easy because at first you'll find it complicated. But I told her the more that you study or learn and explore about it the easier it will become.  I better do a Background Check on this free hosting first before pursuing and moving out from my old free hosting. I want to make sure that I won't regret in the end. How will I do that background checking? That is in my list of what to do already and I can figure it out just by asking those people who have experience in both sides. Good luck for me.

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