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Guess what I go the mail today. Notification from Forex in regards to the box that I sent home last February. Attached with in it, is my mother's picture holding the box. The picture is not that good and clear, that's why I don't see her face clearly. But I still can see the smile and happiness over the gifts we sent to them. That should supposed to be a Christmas gift. Well better late than never, huh!

Although it is late, I still see that everyone are happy when my mother distributed the gifts to the recipient and told me about it. Now, I have to make sure that I fill in the new box here for this year's Christmas gift to my family. It might not be as much as the first one but I am crossing my finger that they will love and have fun with it. 

I am not sure what will be their reactions though, for I don't know what to give to the adults. It'll be too boring if I'll send the same thing. I want different, not too expensive and what? It should be something that I can afford to buy for them and they'll end up enjoying it instead of brawling over the gift they got that they can't use. 

I can't wait to look for a work at home job. So I have more money to buy for my family's gift. I can Sell Tickets Online but I have to make sure that I got the job first. I have to pray that soon enough a company will hire me and work from home.

For now, I am happy to get a copy/ notification from the Forex about my box.

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