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First carved pumpkin

Last Sunday my SIL Betsy texted me if I would like to carve a pumpkin with her and I say YES right away. It will be my first time ever since I got here. Although, there will be a picture guide that will be punctured on the pumpkin still I want to try and experience the one that I will be making.

I was so excited to be at my in-laws place and around 4pm, we started to clean the inside part of the pumpkin. We have to make sure that it's all clean no seeds and those thing in it. Then I picked an animal picture/guide and punctured it. We both thought it's really that easy but it's not. If you want to have a nice outcome you have to be patient and careful. I really tried my best. But my SIL gave up after she couldn't trace her ghost picture on the pumpkin. I wish I offered to do it so she can  carve it right away. 

I was really excited after an hour or less of carving. Even though it wasn't good as I thought it is. But I was flooded with praise. Not bad for a beginner and I'm so happy to finish and put tea light candle in it. I'll show you that finished product that I made and so does my niece and mother in law. I can call this an Inexpensive Art.


  1. I wish I could try carving pumpkins too. hehe. Scary films are reigning again, because of this holiday. yay!

  2. Yen: that's what i want the most although i don't like to watch scary movies by myself because i get paranoid... but its i miss magandang gabi bayan their episode regarding experiences


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