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Friend's yard

While I was checking out an online game torrents the snows isn't also stops from falling. I neglected it because I was more focused in finding good games while the kids are napping. And I am glad I checked it at torrent games because there are so many that I can choose from. Good choice for me and for those who would want the same thing? Visit the website so you will be able to see what I see and found what you wanted to found.

Moreover, days since it starts snowing here I finally brought the camera with me and from where I am standing inside my friend's house. This is what I got from my Canon Camera. I never set it into some black and white settings but since snows are white and once they fell on the ground things will be filled with white snows and this is what will it look like. 

Enjoy the angels I took from my friend's house.

Can you see the road clearly???

I couldn't see the driveway because it was filled with snow...

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