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Got the Best Christmas Gifts

I have been here in US spending Christmas with my immediate family and my extended family. I love it with them, although I missed the most is my family. Aside from that one of the things that I am excited is opening the gifts. Even not for me. I love to see the reaction of each individuals surprisingly opening their gifts. I love to see how happy they were to get what then want and need in order for them not to buy any of those anymore. I find it amusing. I love to observe their reactions too and how they mingle with that particular gifts. Especially kids too. 

Anyhow, this Christmas? I must say I have again another BEST Christmas not only because I got amazing gifts from Santa and My Lovey but also  this is the First time Ever that our son spend Christmas with us. Isn't that so cool? I make sure that we have it video taped his first Christmas Celebration with the family and cousins. So far it is okay, since he is just 10 months old he really doesn't care that much about the gifts but the other things. Like the wrapping papers, boxes and Styrofoam. 

For me, I love this at all. Now, I make sure that I make copy of it that way we can watch it again on the television and observe one another. It would be really fun. 

Also, I would like to go to another big sales in the stores today. I have heard that this is another big sales for every store. I hope me and hubby will go after church. If not I can just use the ipage promo code online while I'll do my shopping online too.

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