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Monggo Beans with Coconut Milk

I never tried making this kind of dish at all. So, when I got the chance to asked my sister in law who happens to be online. I asked her how to cook this kind of dish? I'm glad it was not as complicated as I thought it would be.

And after I make sure that I have understood everything she taught me. The next day, I cooked it. I put fried fish in it instead of meat for a change. 

I am super glad that it turned out pretty great. I enjoyed eating it and at the same time so does my husband. I can't wait to make one which has meat in it. 

While I was munching this viand on the dinner table with my beloved I was looking at the wines that was given to us during our wedding reception. I mean, now that I am not pregnant and this is pretty much wine. We can start drinking them one at a time before it stale. Or maybe we can put them all in a case of wine. My husband has not talk to me back after that idea yet, nevertheless I do hope that he is considering on buying a wine case. 


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Hi sis, sinabi mo pa! Ang mahal ng gadget eh ako magpapadala pa kasi ang ate ko manganak eh.

  2. Avee: such a wonderful sister of you...i'm sure your family is super proud of you


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