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First Album...

Is he familiar to you all? I am sure he is and especially to those who have watched American Idol last year. Me and hubby were into it last year and can't wait for the next season to start. I like all the finalist last year and the most was Lee Dewyze. He have this amazing personality and not just that he is also an amazing singer. 

I was really happy when he won however got sad because I won't see him perform as often now that their season has end. But life must move on and he has to  continue his starting career. After that finale, I haven't heard songs from him not even on the radio. I know he's songs is always play in the air nevertheless I don't have the time to just listen to the radio. 

Anyways, I am not sure if he is from San Diego I guess I have to go and read information about this person that is our favorite. I am not sure if he was the one who is from San Diego or the runner up. Moreover, another big improvement to the runner up was that her teeth were fix I am sure after the money they have they can afford the san diego dental care. I would also think about that too if I have enough money to fix my teeth. 

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