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HD crashed

Two days ago, I got a message that just pop ups on my screen. Guess what it is. Yes! I guess I don't need to elaborate everything. I have bad sectors in my hard drive and I tried to reach technical support of Dell Company since it is where I purchased my Inspiron 5R last May 2010. 

I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to software troubleshooting and hardware. However, I would rather get someone fix it as it is part of the limited warranty that I have on my contract with them. 

They have  conclusion that it would be fix by replacing the hard drive. Bummer! I need to make sure I have back up all my important files, pictures and software I have on this computer. I have to make sure that I have them all before I lose them. The technician hasn't arrived yet but pretty soon it will be here. Can't wait for this errors to get fix. 

However, for now I will try to read something about Resveratrol Supplements. It seems pretty interesting to me. Just to relieve myself from the problems I have encountered with my toy. 


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