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New HD...

Super duper happy today, because now I finally got the replacement of my hard drive. I mentioned previously  that I was having bad sectors in my hard drive that is why 31% of my software isn't functioning good. 

Glad that I have still the limited warranty on my laptop and I even got the chance to ask for a replacement. It was horrible with the past few days dealing with inconvenient software. I want things to get over with and with the help of the computer company that I bought my laptop with things goes back to its smooth ways. Whew!!!

One more thing I got the chance to continue browsing for a nice logo design packages for my soon to be website. I might adding more but we will see, if by that time I won't have work yet. Maybe I will focus on my computer specialization. 


  1. Yes Novs, good luck! Your computer studies and specialization would surely make good things for you!


  2. Rogue: thanks, i think i should pursue it too...

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    sis thanks for dropping by. wow new hard drive mas okay na yan. ako hd ko napupuno lang ng pictures. Happy Sunday

  4. Avee: same here mostly files i got for now is pictures and videos of my son hahaha.... thanks for the often visit...

    Happy Sunday too!

  5. Hello Nova! Yipee! happy for you. You've got that new HD!

    Hope all is well. Have a pretty day!

  6. Maxi: so true dear, i don't need to frown every time i see that critical errors every time my window stars.


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