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On diet...

That's what I have been doing lately. I started this GM diet today and man! I tell you it is not easy. I got up in the morning and super excited to follow the Day one. However, it never help me at all for I got migraine. I never thought I will experience it again. I thought when I left Philippines this illness was also left there. Until this morning, I was totally miserable nevertheless, I manage myself for I have to go and babysit and watch my son at the same time. It's just that I am not functioning very well. I am eager to try this and hopefully I will be successful without cheating the plan. For six days it will give you a big result. It was also proven and tested by one of my best friend. She did the GM Diet to lose weight before her big day. Crossing my finger that it will also happen to me. For I needed to lose this baby weights. My body is just too tired of carrying them everyday.

I wonder about those other women who is desperate to lose weight. I am sure they have tried everything but have this tried this one? Sometimes because they would like to take medicine they would just buy them in the store without thinking of the side effects. Then they'll sue the company for what it brought them. If you are one of them? and need a lawyer? I would recommend you to hire Crime Law Georgetown specially when you are living in Georgetown they are more known there. All I can say is to be very careful of what you intake. 

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