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Playing with brother...

I love the games we played with my brother online. I am pretty sure that this is really as famous as you know. If not I will give you a little bit of insight. This is the kind of game that enhance your speed in typing and records of how many words you type per minute. In short they called it as typing racer. 

It happens one evening when both of us were bored and aside from video chatting we want to do something that would challenge us both. So we end up searching for a game that would connect us both and race. It is pretty fun. So far I am the champion. Although, our race this morning was pretty close 9 and I got the last won. We both had fun and  can't wait for the next day for us to race again. 

Meanwhile, I was looking at the log cabins holiday in UK and it is pretty much impressive. I wish someday we can all go there and spend vacation to enjoy the scenery this country could offer to us. 


  1. Sounds like a T-master thing. That's fun and also useful as you enhance your typing skills.

    I am wondering if I have posted anything about games at webbiestuffs blog. Now you makeme think...

    hmmm... fish world, i posted about that!


  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    hey Nova, its been a long time we havent been in touch. Its good to read your blog.


  3. rouge: go for it girl, what makes you think that could help to others would be a great idea...

    Careen: thanks for the visit... you can give me your link so i can check you too.


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