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Oops! for showing my partner's hand while picking up some pickles. These is the snack tray we have last Thanksgiving. The other tray was mostly crackers and the other were for the  cheese. I am not a fan of cheese especially the taste is not the same as I used too. I tried some but it isn't my favorite. 

Hubby wants to own his dinnerware for this kind of preparation. All this trays were from his sister and mother. I think we keep looking on this one store but he kept mention that he couldn't find it. Until I went and check myself and there it is. He was looking at the wrong section it falls in the plastic-ware section instead of the kitchen section.  Glad we have our own now, we won't be borrowing trays from his family.


  1. looks healthy Novs. with vege portion too!


  2. yup, they love it, and so am i


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