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So COLD...

Our weather here will never stops. Instead it gets worst and the temperature keeps dropping. I got this weather image from the weatherbug that I used to look at. And it will go down even more. When will this snows stops? Why did I ever wish to leave in a four season country? I know a tropical weather is bad, but at least you can go outside and enjoy. However, when you have a piled of snows outside your house and knowing there will be more to come. All you want to do is hibernate until this cold cold weather is over. Or another option is getting a villas in cyprus where the place is relaxing and cool. But still there is snows during winter. I might have to keep bugging my partner to retire in Philippines someday.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    ang lamig naman nyan buti na lang walang snow sa amin.

  2. good and lucky for you sis, kasi kami hay napuno na kami dito ng snow...


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