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Who says?

That the occasion is over? We don't because soon enough our little one will be having his First Birthday. Everyone is eager and excited for  that day. So, we are going to buy him stuff for his birthday like the utensils, plates, giveaways and especially the food. I got to make foods to be shared by my guest. I am not sure how many are there. I haven't finished the invitations too because I need to get to a store to purchase it from there. 

I have list down some options for a menu on that day. I do hope that my in laws will make some to help me with the food. But I am not counting on it. I just hope I have known some self catering london. That way I don't need to rush myself and tired myself for all of this. 

Can anyone give me some suggestions for my son's birthday? I would really appreciate it.

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