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Busy Me...

The past week I was a little bit busy for the preparation of our son's first birthday celebration. From the venue to what kind of food should I make that my friends and family will going to eat. Since, this is my foreign land I have not idea about American food that much and I don't want to risk making food that I am not more aware of the exact taste. 

So mostly my food is Filipino, and I was happy knowing that they love and enjoyed the food. The venue was kinda little for what we expected with our guest. Maybe next time we have to rent a bigger place in order to give everyone a good sets. And hopefully that parlor games will also be accomplished. 

Moreover, now that this big event that we are waiting for to our son has finally over and wait for the next year I think we have to plan this months and months before this next birthday. After the whole buziness I guess I do deserve a narrow boat holidays don't you think? I think so. However, I have to speak this idea with my partner whom is going to share this holiday trip with me. 

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